We don’t have a PR department and we don’t do deadlines and launch dates cos we’re volunteers (a voluntary deadline would be a bit pointless, wouldn’t it?) and voluntary stuff has to be fun. So if you love doing web stuff you’ll love working with us. Here are some new friends we need to meet:

Satoshi Team (gather free satoshi form other sites)

Collect from the free satoshi sites for us. It’s easy and fun and we can help get you started. There are faucets, where you can just fill in a captcha and get free satoshi, but also there are games you can play, and forums etc where you can be paid for posting.

Check “Satoshi Team” in the form below and we’ll get back to you.

Web Developers (as you can see!)

…to help with this and related sites as well as help others learn to make their own.

Server Admins

to help us set up servers and to help others learn to use and run them at various levels. (piece o’ cake, right?)

Graphic Designers

I mean, look at the logo. There’s plenty of creative opportunity, we have friends in all kinds of exotic and interesting places, and many aspects of our work that can be described much better visually. Join us and save people from distorted trees!


yeah them too. My cousin, used to say, “if you want to make money you have to catch people when they are laughing or crying”. He was an undertaker. So if this site brings tears to your eyes, you can send us bitcoin. We’ll have a nice, slick gimme money interface as soon as we can find someone to make it, but for now here’s our onename.com entry (actually they have a nice thing with a QR code and everything). Oh, and there’s a donations thing in the right sidebar there now, too.

Social Media Addicts

We have an endless supply of great stories to tell and amazing people to introduce.

Good Writers

Every time I try to edit this down it just gets longer. The thing is, we really need to avoid jargon and all that officious, pompous stuff. This is friends helping each other out. If you’re bored with marketing or technical stuff, and just feel like describing things as they are, take a break and write for us!

Your Imagination

Think of the things you like to do and imagine how you could adapt them to help build this network.

You can fill in the form or if you prefer, just add a comment at the bottom of this page.

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