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To show our appreciation of your support for our work, we have a bitcoin faucet which is almost ready to use. If you’re unfamiliar with bitcoin or with what a VPS is, please see our FAQ page. In addition to the faucet we will have a members’ area where you can earn much more.

If you’re using an adblocker, please turn it off for this site, or consider sending a small donation instead. If you use the faucet with ads blocked you are taking money from these folks.

This faucet is in test mode, you will not get paid!

But try it out if you like, it will help with testing. We appreciate your help.Those who don’t read before clicking, thanks to you too!

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Become a member to earn significantly more!

See the Members Page for more details and to sign up.

(currently disabled, check back in a week or two)

Other sites:

This is not just another worthless pile of referrer links. All these faucets and games have been used by us for some time and have paid out reliably and consistently:

cryptofights banner

Earn from faucet, “annoying jobs”, offerwall and get loads of satoshi winning fights too. New site but we already had 3 payouts. Reliable. From the admin of

Get activity bonus every 15 mins and win more by betting closest to the value o the next block. Join the chat too. One of our favorites.

Image link to

A high-paying, long-running and reliable faucet. Pays instant to xapo or weekly to wallet.

Reliable and established faucet, high paying.

Reliable and established faucet, high paying.

Free to enter raffles, quick and easy, 15, 30, 60 minute raffles, and a big daily one. banner and link

Longest-running faucet, very reliable, relatively high paying. Lots of bonuses. Massive jackpot, read the lottery and rewards tabs! banner ad

Gamble all you like, never pay anything in, your balance just goes up. We had many successful withdrawals.

mellowads banner ad

Got something to advertise? Get minimum 5,000 satoshi network advertising per claim, and try out MellowAds for free. We got 100,000 4 times so far.


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