How can I start using bitcoin?

You need a wallet. The simplest way is to get an online wallet, for example here.

Why Are You Giving Away Bitcoin?

It seems counter-intuitive, sure. Charities don’t normally give you money, but they do spend enormous amounts on advertising and promotions. We’d rather share that money with our visitors and those who help us to grow.

We tried to introduce the concept of a direct, peer-to-peer replacement for “charity” into the mainstream, but the banker currencies are not set up with that kind of use in mind. The technical and financial obstructions are too great, but with bitcoin it is extremely easy to achieve.

Having a faucet is a great way to attract new visitors and the various satoshi rewards for Members enables us to grow yet keep the money within the community.

Why Bitcoin?

By focusing on the bitcoin community we are targeting our marketing on a group who are already “early adopters” by definition and thus more likely to appreciate the innovation that FriendsVPS represents.

Bitcoin enables people to transfer money to each other without going through expensive middlemen and rip-off currency traders. It also removes a whole layer of bureaucracy from our system, making it possible for us to operate without a central organization with all the expenses that entails.

What About the Bankers?

Currently, the financial sector makes up between 10 and 15% of the global economy. When bitcoin takes over there will be a lot of bankers out of work. Everyone else will be better off though, so people will be able to donate to keep them in the lifestyle they are used to.


What is a VPS?

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a way to run your own server (websites, email etc.) more cheaply by having multiple instances running on the same actual machine.

A dedicated server (i.e, a single computer entirely dedicated to your own web and email services) can cost hundreds of dollars a month, and is way more than most communities would need. A VPS, on the other hand, could cost as little as 5 dollars a month and provide everything you need. To the end user, there is no discernible difference.

Why Use VPSs?

A small VPS costs no more than what the shared hosting (godaddy, bluehost etc) charge but it offers full control over the whole thing. This means members of Friends VPS will be able to learn the entire process if they want to, and run everything themselves.

Those who do learn the admin aspects of the network will be able to help others and share their skills, this benefits everyone. They will also have skills with market value to supplement their own income via employment or freelance work. All the tools they need to be able to earn money are right here in our own network.

Why is Ownership Important?

Small groups and communities often rely on someone else to set up their website and email for them. When this person stops for whatever reason (health, finished college, whatever) the community can find themselves with no website and no access to their email etc.

Relying on outside help, shared hosting and so on is fine as long as it lasts, but to have a truly reliable internet service they need to own their own domains and know how to organize things like web hosting and email accounts for themselves.

Using FriendsVPS, our communities can benefit from all the help and cooperation of the network without having to rely on any one person or entity.

If you have a question that’s not answered above, you’re welcome to use the comment section below, or the contact page if you want to contact us privately.

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