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Over the last few years we’ve used quite a few different hosting providers. There are many pitfalls when choosing a provider, and it’s not easy to transfer everything to a new host if something goes wrong, so it’s important to make a good choice at the outset if possible.

Dirt-cheap hosting s abundant, and for some it may work quite well, but you need to tread carefully. Some hosts provide you with a “free” domain name, for example, but you may later find out that they own it, not you, and if you decide to move later they may not let you take it with you, or may want an exorbitant fee to transfer ownership to you. Or they may have all kinds of hidden “extras” you only find out about later, when you’re already committed.

Sometime you may find a nice, friendly hosting provider who does everything you need, and then after a year or so they get bought out by one of the big hosting companies. Next thing you know, the personal service is gone, along with the nice easy interface you were using. This has happened to me three times! What I needed to find was someone who has set up an ISP because they love doing it, not just as a business. is based in Romania. For the background, there’s an excellent article about them on but for our purposes, it’s enough to know that they are a small group of experts dedicated to personal service, something that is fast disappearing in the online world.

We have found their service to be excellent. Every time I used the live chat to ask a question, I was answered immediately and my question was resolved quickly. I transferred everything easily (though they do offer to help you with it if you need help). The server is fast and reliable.

This post will be updated over time as we continue to work with them to deploy our other sites. They also offer an excellent reseller program which will be a good start for our webhosting and design service. This will provide people with another way to support both FriendsVPS and the developers who give their time helping to maintain and grow FriendsVPS and the direct sponsor networks.

Even before all that, if you use the affiliate links to thcservers in this article, we’ll get commission on your order. This will help to offset our own server costs, and you’ll get a nice, friendly host for your domains.

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